John the Baptist

By Sara Campos-Silvius

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first thing in the morning

my bad breath fogs the mirror

sighs expelled from my body

in time to the drip / drip / drip of the coffee

what if i threw this coffee cup at the back of god’s head?

did John the Baptist have a rock to call friend as he lay his body on the ground at night?

and when John the Baptist heard the voiceless words, was he woken from his dream to find the dust disturbed all around him? 

“I guess I’m just someone who has given up on me and you” — is that what he muttered into his rock pillow, turning over to go back to sleep? 

my coffee mug moves in slow motion towards the back of god’s head

and John the Baptist is about to wake up from his dream…









Turn left and walk North along Calgary Trail. Keep walking until you reach the Funeral home on the corner of 83rd Ave and Calgary Trail.