JH12 comp

‘Girl on Slide’ Sculpture

You wonder if your Moodling detector might be faulty. You clearly saw the Moodlings heading east up North Terrace and you can’t believe they could have made it back to Rundle Mall so quickly, especially in their natural form.

But you’re standing next to a sculpture called Girl on Slide – a discovery piece that you don’t see from a distance but discover by accident. Your detector is going berserk. You switch it off wondering if the sculpture is a Moodling.

You pull the sculpture’s pigtails. No reaction.

You pretend to walk away then turn around and say ‘Gotcha!’ No reaction.

You put your thumb on your nose, wiggle your clawed-fingers and blow a raspberry. No reaction.

In fact, the only reaction you’re getting is from the occasional passer-by who seems to find your behaviour a little peculiar. You decide the sculpture is in fact not a Moodling, but when you turn your detector back on, the beeping is out of control.

As a last ditch effort, you tickle the sculpture’s toes. Nothing.

When you take a step to the left you inadvertently step on a small, stainless steel plate set in the grey pavers. Suddenly the large silver plates at the base of the tree to the left of the sculpture separate with a hiss, revealing a tunnel. You peer in only to see the glow of two pairs of yellow eyes in the darkness: the Narl!

You’ve never had to leave paying tourists behind before, but you instantly decide you’re going to have to give up on the Moodlings to save your own scaly skin. The Narl – towering electric blue skyscrapers – emerge from the tunnel like lightning and the taller one sweeps your up, raising you level with his bulging yellow eyes. You attempt a charming smile.

“Captain, we hereby charge you with…”, the Narl growls.

You wince in anticipation.

“Playing the best game of Hide and Seek, ever!”

You are unceremoniously dropped to the ground as your Narl captors explode in a splosh of shimmering jelly. It rolls around you on the pavers like droplets, eventually becoming two Moodlings in small human form, giggling uncontrollably.

You scowl as the Moodlings recover enough to take your hands, then march them west down Rundle Mall until you see what the humans call Progress, a neo-cubist copper wall sculpture on the face of a building on the Mall’s north side. In actuality, the sculpture is a Never Galaxy gladiator and a gateway to the slipstream. By standing directly beneath it for precisely twelve point three seconds, you, the Moodlings and your faithful ship full of contented tourists will be swept up and home to the Never Galaxy.

Earth Unplugged: Satisfaction Guaranteed. Though the Moodlings are still banned for life.


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This is the end of your adventure but you can head back to the starting point to explore a different story path, or you can try the other Story City: Adelaide adventure, The Adelaide Time Travel Caper.