To Fool a Glass Eye

You’re at the traffic lights on the corner of Tarragindi Road and Evans Road, but you can’t see Damo54 anywhere. You check your research notes to see if there’s any significant war-time history he could use to upstage you with. You find a link to a photo. According to your notes, during the war one of the buildings along Evans Road was camouflaged to look like a hill with a road leading over it. The site where you found the information claims the photo was entered into the US Army Archives and published in a book “To Fool a Glass Eye” by Roy M. Stanley. Most of the buildings along Evans Road have had their shop fronts renovated, so it’s hard to tell which building was used in the photo. But you have a link to photo you can post on your page. Copying the link, you update your status:

Check out the link to this camouflaged building from World War Two.

You receive an immediate response to your post, but it’s not what you expected. The comment is from Damo54:

Where are you Rumours Uncut? Can’t find Engineering Street? Lots of interesting buildings around here. Or are you too busy chasing imaginary ghosts?

You can’t believe this guy. He’s taunting you on your own page. Determined to catch up to him, you press the traffic light button to cross Evans Road. Engineering Street is on the southern side of the munitions area. While you wait or the lights to change, your followers respond with positive comments about your uploaded photo. But you’re only thinking about one thing: catching up to Damo54.

Go to Factories: cross the road, walk back along Evans Road, turn left into Precision Street, and stop at the corner of Precision Street and Engineering Street.