Standish Street

You catch up to Sam but there’s something better to look at than his wispy apparition. From this high point of Standish Street, you can see across to the southern side of the munitions area. The vast area taken up by military buildings is staggering. All down Standish Street, war-time factories line the road. The factories now house manufacturing outlets, but on the far southern side, the buildings look abandoned. Could the ammunition be buried over there? It would explain why the buildings haven’t been redeveloped.

You decide to pose the question to your followers, but as you start to type, Sam demands your attention by floating through your face. You freeze, literally—his ghostly mist is icy cold.

“What did you do that for?” you say, waving away the mist with your hands.

Sam reforms and stands in front of you. He grins, clearly enjoying your discomfort.

Your eyes widen. “Can you hear me?”

Sam nods.

Your heart beats faster. “Can you speak?”

Sam’s mouth moves but the mist around his face just distorts, like ripples in a pool of water. It doesn’t matter. If you can communicate with him, even if only by nods of his head, you won’t need to ask your followers for help. All the help you need hovers in front of you.

You can barely contain your excitement. “Do you know where the ammunition was buried?”

Sam grins and nods.

You were right. “Can you tell me where it is?”

His mouth distorts as he gestures back along Raynham Street. Then he points down Standish Street.

You can’t work out which way he wants you to go. Frustrated, you start to walk back along Raynham Street. “Maybe I should go back and ask that other soldier?”

Sam disappears then, reforming, blocks your path. He stands with his hands held out and an anxious expression on his face. Startled, you step back. It appears Sam doesn’t want you anywhere near that soldier. Now what?

Do you:

War Factories: Sam definitely knows where the ammunition is, but he’s making it clear not to go back along Raynham Street. Remembering how the soldier dropped his hand to his firearm, you think the further away from him you are, the better. You decide to stick with Sam. Walk down Standish Street, turn left at Evans Road and stop at the pedestrian crossing.


Raynham Street: You know Sam is warning you to stay away from the soldier, but the temptation to find out why is too hard to resist. What if it’s a secret that will blow any ammunition out of the ground? Not only will Rumours Uncut skyrocket in popularity, Damo54 will be caught flat footed. You ignore Sam’s warning, but to throw him off your trail, you’ll be sneaky and go around the block. Then you’ll backtrack and find out for yourself where that military jeep came from. Continue west along Raynham Street, turn left onto Blomfield Street and continue to Moorooka Playground Park.