Bouldering Wall

Where can I find it?

Coming from the Courtyards, go down the stairs opposite the Leadership and Student Engagement Office. Follow the path, and just before the Fitness Centre (which will be on your right), go to the pathway on the left; this will be the path towards Kinesiology A (KNA) (after entering a set of doors, you will be at KNA proper). As you continue along a straight pathway, once you reach seats and tables, there will be a long hallway to your right. Follow this until you get to the washrooms, which will be on your right. But just before the washrooms is a stairwell; head down and enter the door in front of you. Et voilá, the bouldering wall will be on your right.

If you find yourself entering KNA through the entrance from the Quad outside, across the Active Living Desk (which is by these entrances) is another stairwell. Take the stairs down, follow the long hallway, and at its end will be the wall (to your left).

Another alternative way is when you enter via the Olympic Oval. Once you get to the long hallway of Kinesiology B (KNB), just before the Outdoor Centre is another stairwell (both the Centre and the stairwell will be at your right). Take the stairs down, turn right around the corner, continue forward, then take the first hallway to your right. Head straight, and eventually you will see the wall on your right.

Did you know that there’s a drop-in bouldering wall in the basement of the Kinesiology building? You’ll need a Fitness Centre/Outdoor Centre wristband to use the facility (included in UCalgary student tuition), but it’s a great place to meet fellow climbers and try bouldering in a safe environment (the floor is padded). Climbing routes are marked, and colour coordinated from simplest to most difficult. If you really enjoy it, why not graduate to the climbing wall at the Outdoor Centre?