Kinesiology “Rock”

Where can I find it?

From the food court floor of the MSC, find the Leadership and Student Engagement (LSE) Office, which will be beside the Pharmacy. Across the LSE are stairs. Past the Starbucks, which will be on your left, there will be two sets of doors, both of which have “Kinesiology Complex” signs above them. Past the second set of doors will be the Kinesiology B building (KNB). Once you enter Kinesiology B from the first floor connection with the MacEwan Student Centre, it will be the open area you see to your left, just by the Fitness Centre and Kinesiology Main Offices.

There’s often a spot for the next student when it comes to the “Rock” at Kinesiology B. With its unique architecture (exactly like jagged rocks) that makes you sit on a level either higher or lower than the people around you, study, hang out with friends, or just put stuff on pause in this space. Keep in mind that it is a high traffic area, with students going in and out from almost all directions; it is a central space, after all.