The Rocks

Where can I find it?

From the arch, follow the straight path closest to the rainbow-colored stairs, which will be on your left, if you’re facing away from the doors you just exited. Past the stairs will be the more vertical rock, which is at the pathway between the MacEwan Student Centre (to your left) and the Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) (to your right). The more dome-shaped rock (the one that bears the distinction of being called Dwayne Johnson THE Rock), is a bit farther ahead and will be to your left (and also close to the current construction); get there by continuing straight along the pathway where the vertical rock is (keeping MacEwan Hall to your left and TFDL to your right.

You can’t miss it – the rocks are the two things you’ll see as you walk by the southern exterior of MacHall, and prominent enough since they’ll most likely be painted with bright colors, alongside some message or statement from a particular group within campus.

Awakened from their earthly slumber in 1968 as the Social Sciences’ foundations were being built, these rocks are estimated to be at least 35 million years old. 50 of those were spectacularly eventful, as the rocks have experienced being stolen (between us and that university farther up northern Alberta), cemented, and exploded. The rocks also got the chance to move around campus as the university expanded. In its colorful history, the Rocks became the vessel for student experience, and has been an integral part of the university’s community and culture.