Leon the Frog

Where can I find it?

If you want to stay indoors (coming from MacEwan Hall) follow the path that leads to the Social Sciences, which is to the left of the concert hall when facing it. You should eventually reach Science A (SA). There should be a set of stairs going up the main floor of the Social Sciences building. From there, slightly to your right will be the way towards the stairwell (where the poem is), right across the Arts Co-op Office, beside the elevators.

If you prefer outside, follow the path that leads to the C-Train station, which will eventually diverge to the Social Sciences (keep to your left and you’ll be climbing a short set of stairs, then you’ll know you’re at the right direction). Head in and you will see the Arts Co-op Office.

“Leon the Frog” is a stairwell poem that recounts the many travails of. . . well, Leon the Frog. According to the university’s student publication, The Gauntlet, the poem was written and re-written by numerous anonymous authors since its inception in the 70s, with a major restoration occurring back in 2017. Get a hint of what department is at the floor you’re on based on what’s happening with Leon as you read the poem. If you’re up for an interesting blend of physical and intellectual challenge, follow Leon from the basement to the thirteenth floor of the stairwell. Please don’t continue if you have any medical condition aggravated by fatigue. You can also read the poem here.