Get those grades by studying in these spaces at the University of Calgary!

Welcome to the University of Calgary’s Self-Guided Tours! We welcome new and incoming students to campus and help you get a feel of what it’s finally like being at university. With the help of the Leadership and Student Engagement Office, we hope to make your stay at the university more accessible through these tours. For this story, we will take you through some of the university’s well-known study spaces.

We’ll start at the fourth floor of the MacEwan Student Centre (MSC).

The MSC is the central hub of the university.

Tip: Both the MSC and the MacEwan Hall (where the concert hall and ballroom are) are both commonly referred to simply as “MacHall.” It may help to ask (or give) a point of interest as a reference to an exact location.

Rated: G

Time: 45mins

Author: Travis Dickie

Co-Author: David Marallag

Special Thanks: Mika Aghayeva, Catherine Cheung, Kevin Do, Aaron So.

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