The Atrium

Where can I find it?

If you’re coming from TFDL exit TFDL’s east doors (the one facing the tall and glassy MacKimmie Tower). Head left, and turn right on the corner of the construction (or, once you see a grey and white sign that says “MacEwan Hall, turn right). Continue forward, past the grey and white sign that says Science A building sign, and when you see the concrete pillar monument that says Mo Shuile Togam Suas (our Gaelic motto!) on your left, turn right onto the pathway. Enter the Administration building via the doors on your left. Once inside, the Atrium will be on your right. Welcome to the only year-round indoor rainforest on campus.

It used to be that the Atrium was virtually unknown to students, and that at any time of the day, a quiet study space surrounded by beautiful tropical plants, statues of Greek philosophers, and the quiet hum of a heat exchanger would be available to anybody who walked in. However, after the addition of plush fluorescent furniture however, the Atrium became one of the hottest non-secrets on campus. It’s still an inspiring space to pore through required readings, but be sure to get there early if you want a spot! Fun fact: the Atrium was one of the last places in the university where smoking was allowed. When that was overturned, people noticed that the plants started to wither. It turns out, the plants became too dependent on the nicotine to survive! Nature, eh?