Social Sciences Hallway/Faculty Lounges

Social Sciences Hallway

Where can I find it?

The hallway stretches between the Science Theatres on the north end, and the connection to the Administration building on the south end. If you’re making your way from the Atrium, follow the +15 bridge that will be on your right as you exit towards the Social Sciences.

This space can also be easily accessed by entering the ground floor of the Social Sciences building from the pathway that leads from the C-Train station into the heart of campus. Once inside, climb the stairs and you’re there.

Endearingly renamed the ‘IKEA Hallway’ by students for its modern floor-to-ceiling furniture, this long stretch of study space has been a popular place to study and hang out (and even sleep) from the early morning to well into the night. As an important confluence between faculties and a popular place to grab a snack (there is a lunch kiosk on the north end), this is a popular place to study and people-watch.

Faculty Lounges

Where can I find these?

The Arts’ Lounge can be found at Social Sciences 103, just across the elevators to the different Faculty of Arts departments and the Arts Co-op Office. It’s right at the end of the IKEA hallway (if you’re facing away from the +15 bridge). The Science Collaborative Space is located at Science Theatres 142, past between the big rooms of 140 and 148. Nursing’s student space is at the main floor foyer of the Professional Faculties building, and Law has its own by the Bennett Jones Library (and another at the floor above it) in Murray Fraser Hall. Education, Engineering, and Business have theirs in the Education Building (right across the main entrance); Engineering Block G 1st and 2nd floors; and Scurfield Hall 2nd floor, respectively. For the purposes of this particular route, we suggest you visit only the Arts Lounge and the Science Collaborative Space for now. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you when you’re close to the other locations in the other tours.

Each faculty has their own student space where you can study, catch up/collaborate with other students, or simply take the time for a break. The best part is, you don’t even necessarily have to be a student of that faculty; each one is open to any student.

The Arts Lounge

The Science Collaborative Space

The Nursing Student Lounge

The Law Student Lounge

Education Area

Engineering Area

Business Area