Where can I find it?

When you exit the Gallagher Library, head left towards the ICT building past the set of dark grey doors. There are two ways to get to EEEL from here:

Immediately to your right will be doors that lead outside and towards the shiny exterior and green panels of the EEEL building. Please be aware of cars as you are crossing a tiled road.

Alternatively, enter the next set of doors which will be light grey; you are entering ICT proper. Walk up the sloped pathway, then turn right once you see tables with red chairs attached to them. Exit the two sets of doors to get to EEEL, and please be aware of cars as you are crossing a tiled road.

From the second option, if you had continued straight ahead instead of turning right, past another sloped walkway, you’ll eventually reach the Engineering complex (which, for new students, is both a noun and an adjective). Once you enter, you won’t miss its very own atrium (which we mentioned earlier).

The Energy Environment Experiential Learning Building, or EEEL for short, is one of the university’s relatively newer buildings (opened in 2011), but is no doubt one of the most sustainable. How sustainable? External shades that regulate heat by keeping it out during the summer and inside during the winter. A ceiling that focuses sweet sunlight into the centre of the building, considering its rectangular shape (which means less artificial light to use). The building also collects stormwater and snowmelt for its toilets. And that’s just to name a few. For this tour, have a look at the main atrium that are basically giant steps where you can study, but also hang out with friends. It’s a great way to unwind or get in the zone for studying especially if you have lectures or labs within the same building.