NMH3bA covert spy agency has recruited you to join its ranks—if you’re good enough. Can you pass the initiation tests at their top-secret training ground?

This adventure starts in Hanlon Park, at the entry adjacent to the carpark on Cornwall Street.


Rating: G


Illustrations: Emily Craven

Narration: Kevin Powe


Adventure Information


This interactive adventure requires you to solve puzzles to move onto the next bit of the story. It starts at the southern end of Hanlon Park in the carpark at the crossroads of Cornwall and Earnest Streets. Don’t forget to bring a pen and pad to write down your puzzle answers.

The route is wheelchair and stroller friendly, but many of the activities are not (if you wish to fully complete the quest, at least one person will need to be able to run up hills, and climb play equipment). The adventure should take 30-45mins and is 600m long. We recommend a hat, sunscreen, water bottle and enclosed shoes for this adventure.


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