Why is the basketball court always wet? Because people are always dribbling on it! Ha!

Hey. You didn’t laugh very hard at that joke. Do you want to be in this agency or not?

I’m watching you. Speaking of which…. It’s time for your official hologram to be taken. Stand in the middle of the circle on the line, facing the basketball hoop. See that white dot in the black line above the hoop? You’ve really got to squint hard to see it. That’s a micro camera.

You’ll need to look at the hoop so we can record your face. We don’t do just any photos in this agency though, where would the fun be in that? We’ll need you to pull your fiercest, nastiest, scariest face and hold it for five seconds.

If you want, it’s probably worthwhile taking a backup photo here on your phone, just in case the hologram doesn’t work. You can post it to the Facebook page of another one of our front companies, Story City. Ha! Story City—I’m surprised no one has worked out this app is just one huge recruitment tool for Hy… I mean, for the spy agency that I haven’t told you the name of yet.

Go on, take your photo and post it if you’d like. When you’re done, click the button to continue.