Fake Park

Are you sensing something yet? The slimy fish at the start, the spider web now? Have you guessed the name of our agency? I think you’ll really Marvel at the answer, when you discover it.

Somewhere in this equipment is a silver sign, which you will need to find in order to decode the series of numbers I have given you. It is disguised as a manufacturing plate for another one of our front companies, Forpark Australia. Forpark… more like fake park. As you now know, this whole park is really a secret training ground.

A fake park, built by a fake company. Even the date and equipment codes are missing from the plate! If you’re not high enough, you may need to climb to the second level of the structure and lean out to find this clue. If you’ve found the right decoder, you should see a picture of Australia at the bottom with Fake Park… sorry, I mean ForPark, written across it. Two lines up from this, you should see my name. This is the line you’ll need to use, to decode the name of the organization you’ll be working for.

Pull out your notepad, or if you’re writing in jam, hold up your arm.

Each number that you’ve written down corresponds to a letter on this line. You’ll need to count that many numbers along the line to decode each letter and discover the agency’s name. The number 1 would mean it was the first letter, which is a H, the number 2 would mean it is the second letter, which is an A, and so on. If you need help, click the button.

If you’ve gotten the series of numbers and letters correct, they should spell out our name… and our terrible secret.

If you still want to work with us once you know who we are, turn the dials of the clock nearby to 12 and then go to the secret page on our website via the link below and enter the code to receive your certificate.

We’ll be in touch. Agent, out!”

**You have an email**


Welcome, Agent.

If you choose to accept your new career in the shadows, go to about.storycity.app/spy-academy/agent-certificate/ Write it down now, as this message will self-destruct when you close this App.

The passcode is the name of our organization in capital letters. Do not disappoint us—we’re watching.

Hanlon final clue