2S Water Origin Story: A River Runs Through It

I am a seventh generation Edmontonian. My family came here from Europe and settled local farming territory. My grandmother actually grew up on a farm here and my grandfather was very mechanically minded, so he started an engineering firm here in Edmonton. I started my career at that engineering company and I worked there for about 13 years. That company was really focused on the oil and gas market and we suffered those economic ups and downs that all of Alberta did.

So when that opportunity came for us to start a company, we were really excited about something where we could turn our legacy into an positive environmental impact. And that’s when we started our company called 2S Water. 2S Water is a company that have developed a sensor that detects metals in water in real time. It sounds like a really niche problem, but it’s actually a huge industrial issue facing many different industries. Metals and water can cause all kinds of issues, from machinery degradation, to environmental contamination, to health and safety issues. So it’s vital that we control them in facility with real-time data.

Edmonton isn’t just the city where I was born, it’s the city where my, generations of my family come from, and it’s the city where we chose to start our business. Edmonton is a place that I experience on a day-to-day basis with my family. We’re always down in the River Valley. We’re always taking part in the festivals and all the things that happen here. I think the river is the closest part to my heart because that’s really where we get to experience nature. Even though we’re in the middle of a huge city.

It is the largest river valley in North America and it’s a key part of how we experience the city on a day-to-day basis.

When I was a little girl, our house used to back onto the ravine and we could go straight from that ravine all the way down to the River Valley like wild children in the forest here, and just play. And I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to share that same experience with my kids. Now we go into the River Valley too, and we explore the wilds and then end up at the river and get our feet wet. And you can’t replicate that kind of experience without a lovely river valley like Edmonton.

Edmonton is built around this river, not just in how our downtown is, which is clearly around the river, but also in the day-to-day experiences and in how we experience this city. If we don’t keep this river clean and pure and keep it going for generations to come, then we lose a vital asset that’s a key part of, of Edmonton. And that’s so important that we keep it safe and maintain this for future generations.

We’re standing in this spot today because right from here you can see Edmonton’s water treatment facility. It’s a key part of how we protect the water for Edmonton citizens, and it’s a key part of where we want our technology to be deployed in the future. Monitoring the water coming out from water treatment facilities lets us ensure that it’s safe for human consumption. And that’s a vital part of what 2S water wants to bring to the world.

WAYFINDING: Ever wonder how small business owners can run like they have a 10 person admin team? Never fear, our next entrepreneurs are on the case! Just head south along 106th street and turn right (west) on 87th Ave. Turn south on 107th St, then right (west) on 86th Ave. When you reach 109th St head north until you reach the Remedy Cafe.

About 2S Water

Protecting the world’s water with real-time data using single and multielement sensors.

We are here to protect the world’s drinking water. And we do it with data. Processes that can’t be measured can’t be controlled. And uncontrolled processes cost you time and money. By providing data that will allow immediate information on your water quality, you can control the processes that make a difference to your business.

Once you have the data you need, you can empower your operation. Whether that’s for more efficient processes, to stop the release of a contaminant into the environment, or to protect your population, once you have real-time data, you can take real-time action.

At 2S Water, we believe that data is the key to protecting our world’s water. We give you the tools you need to see a clear picture of your water, in real time. And our fully automated systems don’t require a skilled user, because we believe that access to important data shouldn’t be limited by your staff’s skill set or time requirements. Our mission is fresh, clean, trustable water for all.