Grange Recreational Reserve

Carefully crossing Military Road you reach the Grange Recreation Reserve—home to the USC Lions and sponsored by the Eagles. The pairing is a peculiar one, yet perfect, like some chimeric fusion of creatures. A mighty griffin.

At first, nobody seems to pay you any attention, but at the limits of your hearing you detect something that sounds like… an unfurling banner?

“Surprise!” a voice yells and you’re immediately surrounded by a throng of lean individuals all wearing fashionable active-wear. Your Handler is amongst them, but it takes you a moment to recognise him. He has thrown off his trench coat and stripped down to a Lycra bodysuit emblazoned with the words: FEEL FIRM.

“Congratulations,” he says. “You have completed the first milestone on your Creative Journey to Fitness. Welcome… to Reconnaisise™.”

He hands you a parcel that appears to contain your very-own Lycra bodysuit.

“I think there’s been some mistake,” you say. “I’m not sure this is what I signed-up for…”

“Nonsense,” says your Handler flippantly. “You are our 500th recruit! And for today only we’re offering lifetime membership into the exclusive FIRM FITNESS FOUNDATION. Don’t just spy for the good of your country, spy for health!”

“And you’re only just getting started,” says a whimsical old lady, who admittedly looks pretty good for her age. “There’s plenty more Reconnaisise missions for you to undertake.”

“Indeed,” says your Handler. Or maybe he’s your physical trainer? “You’ll feel firmer in no time.”

Your Handler throws you an exaggerated wink and everyone around you starts laughing. And they keep on laughing.

Everyone except for you.



Oooo…Bad luck! Would you like to see what your other choice would have led to? If so, you can try a different story arm by heading back to Grange Jetty. Remember that it might take multiple attempts to piece together what The Firm are really up to.

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