Turbot Street, Confluence

 You’ve made it this far. Not much further until you get to Morgan. But as you stand on the street corner, wondering how the hell this outbreak came about, and how apt it is you’re near the Courts (who will pay for this? you want to demand, shaking your hand at the glass building, which is unusual, because you’re an art student, and normally quite passive).

But it’s also uncanny. Why, there’s another art piece.

And it’s doing your head in. One minute there are zombies clawing for your blood, which makes it such a strange day, but then you’re still on the art trail, doing what you set out to do this morning, as if nothing abnormal were going on.

You hear the familiar sound of a helicopter. Above you, a swarm of black fighter jets are flying low, rumbling through the sky. Then you see bullets flying through the air, hitting the pavement, zinging off the art piece of flowing silver ribbons. The metal twists and bends in front of you. Their aim is terrible. If they are meant to be hitting the zombies, they’re doing a bad job.

People run around you, screaming. They’ve come from the buildings on either side, which are crumbling as the bullets tear into them. There are no zombies here, you think, then the shocking realisation hits you.

Of course, you’re all at risk of being infected, so why would special defences kill the infected? Why not kill those who will become infected? Stop the virus spreading any further.

“This is not justice!” you yell at the air. But the pilots don’t hear you. They just see you as a target.

The streets are so wide open, barely anywhere to hide. But you need to make it to Morgan. That wound on your leg – it hurts.

Are you infected? Should you stand out in the street, wait to be shot? The passive art student in you feels that there’s something quite tragic in surrendering.

No, you think. If Morgan can survive, so can you. You look around for a weapon, and find a loose street sign pole. Ripping it out of the ground, you feel super powerful.

Time to get out of this city, and slay a few zombies if you have too. And the bridge might be your best bet.

Run down Tank Street and go midway across Kurilpa Bridge (brandishing your street sign pole like a warrior!).