Butterflies Façade (next to Regent Cinema sign)

So, coffee, hey? Or maybe another art piece?

Annoyingly, those walking carcasses just continue coming. Perhaps they are actors from the Regent Theatre next to you, getting into the zombie walk spirit for October? Or you could very well could be hallucinating. Your egg and bacon muffin tasted a bit off this morning.

Wait a minute…The Regent Theatre closed down years ago! Why hadn’t you thought of that earlier?

What played there last? Was it Survival of the Dead? Monsters? No! You admonish yourself. Maybe it was Contagion?

The scratch on your ankle aches. You want to look at it, but a loud ‘thump’ distracts you.

Two men stand on the awning above you — sort of men, more like blood and goo-oozing green drunk men, eating one another, ripping flesh from each other’s necks, tearing at limbs, chomping off fingers!

Ew! You’ve got to be kidding – this is really happening? The city is infected with the living dead virus? Seriously?

Your head is dizzy, your throat raw dry, and your eyes are blurry. You look down to inspect the scratch on your ankle, and it’s swollen, but it’s not red! It’s not even a sun kissed-pink! It’s an ugly olive green colour. How you hate olive green! Damn that little girl…did she do this? Did she scratch you?

You tilt your face towards the sky, breathing in air, you need air…

And you see the butterflies, so many butterflies on the façade of the Hilton Hotel. Blues, and pinks, and olive greens!

You let out a scream. Olive green! No, no, no…then you stop.

At least your scream wasn’t a moan…

You lift your head again, and yell, “I don’t want to die a Zombie!”

And wish you were just the laid-back art student, living obliviously moments ago.

Do you:

Burnett Lane: Figure that a quiet cafe might be the best place to stop, get a grip, get a cold drink, and hey, there’s artwork over there too! Head west to Burnett Lane, off the Queen Street Mall, just before Ann Street. Turn into the lane, and go half way up.


Falling From Above: You remember vaguely the location of one of the City’s Bike zones. If you want to high tail it out of all this action, head back South on the mall until you reach George Street, and head West on George Street until you reach number 275 (Falling from Above).