Archives Book Store (40 Charlotte Street)

The town planner seems a good guy, you think, as you arrive at one of Brisbane’s most iconic book stores – and the name is appropriate. Archives. Of course, city plans could be hidden in this building.

“Inside,” he says, “there’s a book, and in the front flap, are the underground plans.”

“Inside a book flap?” you repeat, and you peer into the store. It’s never-ending. There must be a million books in here.

“Take me to the book,” you say, the heel in one hand, Mary still clutching at your shirt.

He shakes his head. “Sorry, can’t do that. It’s a matter of council security. Only official staff members can get the plans.”

You nod, slowly. “Okay, I get that. So go get them, and come back and get me.”

Even before he answers, you know you’ve been swindled. Maybe he just wanted you for zombie bait to increase his survival chances?

But if you’ve been swindled, so has he. An elderly woman, who looks as if she could have been archived for years, stumbles out of the bookstore, with a limited first edition copy of “World War Z” in her hands.

“I’ve got it, you sorry sod!” she yells, waving the book in the air. “I know how to escape this city now!”

She swipes the book at the town planner, beats him to the ground, then pounces on him like a hungry animal. He screams as she rips into his chest.

You sigh. It seems she’s been bitten too. The frenzied attack leaves “World War Z” soaked in blood. There’ll be no reading the plans now. Is there no escaping this?

“Now, will you help me find my parents?” Mary says, hands on hips.

And there’s no escaping that either. It’s not like your escape tactics out of the city are going to plan. Rick Grimes would have banished you long ago from his team. You won’t survive long enough at this rate. Who can you trust anyway? You glance across at Mary. She has been by your side all this time.

You take Mary’s hand and resign yourself to helping her. You’ll limp to the Gardens. Darn, that scratch she gave you hurts.

Follow Mary South until you reach George Street. Turn left into George Street, cross Alice Street and head through the first gate on your left into the Botanical Gardens. Go to the Morning Star (a silver box-like art piece) just before the water fountain in Botanical Gardens.

 Go to the Botanic Gardens (Morning Star).