Eyes Singing Out (415 George Street)

Was Morgan being cryptic or cynical when he told you to head in this direction? Ahead of you, stretched for miles on the other side of the green flat are hundreds of eyes, staring back at you.

You have to call him. Zombies are staggering towards you, and you’ve managed to convince a bikie and a bus driver to follow you this far as backup.

“What’s the deal?” you ask Morgan. “Where’s all the noise?”

“Sit on one!” he says.

“Sit on what? A zombie?”

He chuckles. “No, one of the eyes. You’ll see.”

You sprint over to the eyes, and the bus driver and bikie follow. You plant your backside on one eye, and a screaming rendition of “Eye of the Tiger” shrieks through the grounds. Really? Something from the eighties?

“Hide!” you yell, but it’s too late.

Zombies crawl out of every orifice in these grounds. You need a weapon. You had a good Frisbee arm once. You push and pull at one of the Eyes. It comes off, and you swing around, throw it at a zombie, and slice his head clean off.

You take another. Thick and fast those zombies come, and you throw every Frisbee eye with precision.

“Yes!” you shout as each flesh-eating crazy is beheaded. But the eyes are running out, the music is on loop, blaring louder, and soon you’re sure you have attracted every zombie in this city.

And then you hear the helicopter overhead. Gas balls are thrown from the sky, along with searing bullets, and you duck for cover as the zombies are carved up, blood and limbs splattering everywhere.

Darn! You haven’t filmed it.

Then you remember the CCTV footage. Maybe there’s a chance you can call the Council to see if you can get that footage. The one where you’re a hero.

You run through the fire fight, skilfully dodging bullets, and head towards Tank Street away from the helicopters which are coming thick and fast now. Does special defences even know how many of those zombies you just took out? How’s trying to kill you any thanks? They’ll be sorry when they see your heroics on the CCTV footage…

Darn, that scratch on your ankle throbs. Still, you’re feeling okay. Maybe you’ll stop by Once Again, the art piece on the way. Admire art for art’s sake in this crazy place. Surely, this will also be your exit out. Head South onto Tank Street (Once Again) until you reach North Quarter Lane on your left.

Go To Once Again (Tank Street).