Neville Bonner Building

“Help her!”

You are standing at the Neville Bonner Building, and inside the spiral nest out the front, a girl grips onto the dangling metal chains, zombies clawing at her feet.

The girl you recognised pushes you forward. “You’ve got to help her!”

But how will you traverse the opening divide without slamming into the courtyard below?

You judge the distance between the building and the drop. It’s been forever since you scaled Kangaroo Point Cliffs – all of a few metres, secure with ropes and harness…

You flex your arms, and a tingle surges through you. Excitement, anticipation, perhaps? No, it feels like cold fluid running through your veins…maybe it’s that scratch Mary gave you.

You stand on the platform edge, eyes closed, and jump in the direction of the swinging net.

With super human strength you’ve never experienced before, and such nimble fingers – is it all that doodling you’ve done in Uni lectures? – you find yourself gripping onto the steel net, and look below. Your legs are dangling mid-air, but you’ve made it!

You curl your fist and punch at the zombies hanging below you. One zombie falls, the next one splits open on the pavement below…You are doing this! You are punching at them, and they’re flying through the air, descending to their death.

The group cheers as you hoist the girl onto your back, crab crawl back down the net and leap off to hit the pavement below. You drop the girl to the pavement where she staggers towards her friends. Rick Grimes, eat your heart out!

Heart. Eat. Suddenly, you’re hungry. Too hungry. The people around you look like fresh hamburgers, made to order.

Mary extends a helping hand. Oh, that could be juicy.

“My parents,” she says, delighted. “I know you can save my parents!”

Your head swells with the continuing applause from the interns, but you can’t stop here. Mary expects similar heroics from you.

“Let’s go,” you say. Adrenalin buzzes through your veins. You can do this.

Follow Mary as she takes you to the tree behind the QUT sign. Head East on William Street, cross Alice Street, walk past Parliament House on your right, and within several hundred metres, you’ll see a QUT sign on your left. Turn down the path on your left a few metres into the edge of the Botanic Garden.

Go To Ibis Tree QUT.