TJ9Brisbane’s a lot weirder than you think it is, and you thought you knew it all. You’re a Pomp, short for Psychopomp, which means you help souls into the afterlife. Well… you’re supposed to, see it’s your first day on the job. And the big lady herself is giving you your training! You’re in for an adventure when you realise that it’s not just about sending souls to the afterlife. You’ll face Stirrers, Undead Dinosaurs, and see the Underworld itself. And, whether you stick with the job or not, your idea of the city will never be the same again. Training Day is a spin off from Trent Jaimeson’s Death Works stories, of which there have been three novels so far, all of them set in Brisbane and published through Orbit Books.

Rating: PG


Illustrations: Nancy Brown

Music: Christopher Healey

Narration: Kevin Powe


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