Footpath, River

Lissa signals for you to stop, just past the bridge, it curves above you, but it’s the river that is drawing your attention. “The River’s all Styxish today. Things are bubbling from it. The dead are restless,” she says. “Just another day at the office for us.”

You can see hands lifting out of the water. One of them waves at you.

“I wouldn’t get too close,” Lissa says. “The water belongs to something else. I have little power there.”

But there’s something hypnotic about that waving. You walk towards it. Closer and closer. You find yourself on the water’s edge. The hand reaches out and grabs you, it’s surprisingly dry and warm.

Do you:

One: Let it pull you in? The water is starting to look very nice… Then click here.


Two: Fight it, resisting its siren call with every muscle? Then click here.