You struggle, and the hand yanks harder. Then you realize that Lissa is pulling you by the other hand. You feel like you could be yanked in two. You kick out at the pale dead hand. Once, twice, and then it lets you go. You fall back on the rocky shore, panting.

“I told you not to go near the water. You’re a Pomp, the dead are drawn to you. And you can never completely trust the dead. No matter, you didn’t succumb to its draw in the end. Now, There’s something happening at the City Cat stop, but there’s also, an oddity near the ABC News Clicker.”

Do you:

Southbank CityCat Stop: Go along the Promenade to the South Bank CityCat stop?


ABC Building QPAC: Walk towards the Wheel of Brisbane and then turn right towards the ABC Building, stopping just across from it at the end of the ring road near the tree closest to the QPAC building’s steps. Either way, you’re South Bank Bound.