The Chapel

Shhh! The Chapel is a very quiet spot. What could be more peaceful than sitting yourself on a giant Iron Bark pew beneath a ceiling of branches? Before you get comfortable, we’re not here to relax. Quite the opposite. We need to be quiet, super quiet. The Viros (from the word ’Viromentians, which is what they are) won’t come out otherwise. You may have seen one before. They live in the park and look a lot like plants. They’re small and well camouflaged and you’ll only ever see them out the corner of your eye.

Watch the stump on the bank, to the left of the sandstone pulpit. Keep your eyes locked on it. Did you see? Watch the stump. That stump is a secret portal to a stump in 7th Brigade Park in Chermside, but you can’t tell anyone.

A piece of bark the size of a phone is pushed from the stump and tumbles over the side. A slight and gangling creature hauls itself out after. It’s Midyimberry Rumblethorn. For a Viro, he’s pretty tall. His head is a thick white berry with little freckles all over it. His limbs are rangy and pliable. Midge has two friends, Gum Nutter and Mulberry Wild. Mulberry has a long face and dark rosy cheeks. She has an elegant, juicy head on strong thin limbs. She’s wearing a hat made from dried petals of a Frangipani blossom. Something would eat her otherwise. Huge-mans, birds, every creature in the park likes Mulberries. You can put them in fruit salad, and sponge cakes, and they’re real nice when you drop them in custard. Deee-lishh. In contrast, Gum Nutter looks as if he’s fallen from the branches of a great big gum tree. His hat looks like gum nuts and his arms and legs have the reddish tint of Mallee tree twigs.

“What are you doing with the wood, Midge?” Gum asks. Midge balances the bark on his shoulders.

“I’m going to catch me some breaks!” Midge says.

Gum starts laughing. “Surfing?  Don’t you need a beach?”

“And some waves?” Mul asks.

Midge ignores them and carries the wood past the pews and down the path towards the car park.

Do you want to go with them? You have to make yourself as small as can be. Be careful. Watch out for Huge-mans and their barkers, those Ferris Wheel rollers and rubbish (yep, Viros hate litter too!). No smaller than that. Little as can be. Now quick, catch up. Mul and Gum shelter with Midge under his piece of bark and when the car park is clear they make a move. They’re heading for the yellow gate and the left fork of the road… Follow them! Watch out for cars too!


2-3 minutes walk across the carpark approx. 250m up the road toward the picnic area, take the walking path on the left marked by the yellow gate.

Once you reach the correct location click the link at the bottom of the Story City app page. Click here.