DP8 comp

Antiques Shop, Marine Village, Masthead Way

You haven’t been in here before; it’s full of ancient, odd coloured jewellery and curios that belonged to dead rich people although you’ve heard it has a reputation for sourcing the best antiques in the state. Barry lingers at the entrance casting furtive glances up and down the street. He hasn’t seen you.

That’s odd, you think, Barry’s taste is in his mouth – nothing in this shop would suit his style. You duck behind a parked buggy, keeping out of sight as you study the antiques shop, determined to find out what he’s up to.

Barry disappears inside. You can just make out his pot-bellied profile behind the glass display cabinets. He’s talking to a woman dressed in aubergine and rockmelon coloured happy pants with pomegranate hair, not a very appetising combination. You’re too far away to make out exactly what they are saying but are shocked to see them make out with each other! As Barry plants his puffed up Elvis lips on hers, you hear him exclaim, “Delmiza Polkiss, you’re the boss!”

You gulp down your confusion (it tastes a lot like vomit) and think maybe Delmiza has replaced the rings for him with ones from her stock, free of charge and he’s being super grateful. He kisses her again, and again, and again. That’s a lot of gratitude. Within minutes, they leave the shop, arm in arm, and casually walk past you unawares. You can’t believe what you are seeing, how can Barry be so cruel? They are heading towards the Marine Village car park. You follow them all the way to the playground, careful to remain out of sight. The thought of Barry two-timing Delilah has your blood boiling.

Delmiza clings to him like a limpet as they wind through the date palms around the playground. He’s grinning like a fool and admiring something on her right ring finger. Are they Delilah’s missing rings? You decide to confront the love-rats. How dare they steal your godmother’s happiness (and your potential inheritance)! You rush up to them incensed.

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