KS10 comp

The Leaning Tree & Foreshore

The leaning tree has always been one of your favourite places on the foreshore. It reminds you of yourself after a long week of ghost hunting, sprawled out, arms behind your head. You sit on the long trunk and look out to sea, wondering how to go about finding this treasure Captain Hunter has purportedly stolen. You’re good at finding ghosts, but finding money isn’t your strength. Otherwise, you’d be able to afford a better coat.

Speaking of coats… it’s become unusually cold on the foreshore. Goosebumps appear on your skin and you begin shivering. You know this feeling. You cast your eyes out to the ocean, waiting for it to appear. When it does, it’s much more beautiful than you expected. The Bramble Spirit is an elegant vessel, grand yet eerie. There are tell-tale signs that this isn’t a ship from our world, though—the horribly ripped masts, for one thing, and the fact that you can see through the ship to the ocean behind.

A great wind rolls from the sea, shaking the branches of the lazy tree. Leaves begin to whirl around you, and you realise they aren’t falling in a random pattern. The leaves on the ground have formed a crooked line, and they’re pointing you somewhere. Is this a sign from Captain William Hunter? A direction to the treasure?

Where does it seem like the leaves on the ground are pointing you?

The Wave Sculpture: To the right, the corner of Cliff Street and Flinders Parade?


Arthur David Park Artwork: To the left, near Arthur Davis Park and the Swimming Pool?