KS4 comp

The Baptist Church

The old Baptist Church is another building you’re all too familiar with. Ghosts have a habit of lingering around churches. Sometimes they’re holding onto a memory—a baptism, wedding, their own funeral. Sometimes, they just enjoy the silent and solemn atmosphere. As churches go, this one is particularly prone to hauntings. With its typical Gothic architecture style, and longstanding history—spanning over one hundred years—you’ve never been surprised to encounter spirits here.

Today, you don’t have to look far to find one. In the black glass of the circular window at the church’s front, you immediately see a vision of a woman in a white dress. Although slightly transparent, you can tell she has beautiful olive skin, sad eyes, and an ivory veil. A ghostly bride. Could it be Clara Hunter nee Caruso, the widowed wife of Captain Hunter?

The woman is looking past you, out to the footpath they call Lovers Walk. There are many happy couples strolling along admiring the seascape, although it’s looking bleaker than you remembered it.

You take out your journal to scribble a note, but you’re crippled by an incredible pain that stabs your heart, causing you to drop your pen. Clutching at your chest, you notice the couples on Lovers Walk are affected by the same ailment. They’ve all paused to grab onto their partners, as the vicious heartburn hits them too.

When you turn back to the church, you see Clara Hunter is no longer a lovely vision in white. Her eyes have turned black and she’s pointing a bouquet of dead flowers at you. Still crippled by the pain, you fumble in your pocket for the pouch of salt you always carry with you—a powerful protection tool. As your fingers dig into the salt, the pain subsides.

You take a moment to recover, thinking hard. You’re sure Clara isn’t a bad spirit. Purely malicious spirits are rare. But she’s tormented by the pain of a broken heart, and she’s inflicting her pain on others. The sooner you can reunite Clara with her Captain, the sooner you can stop this madness.

You’ve had to reunite lost spirits before. It’s never an easy task, but there are two methods that have helped you in the past. Which do you choose?

Do you:

The Goat Track: Recreate a scene from the ghost couple’s former lives, in the hope of bringing them together in the spirit world? Head on over to the entrance of the secret path across the road.


The Masonic Hall: Consult the only people in Sandgate who know more about secrets and mysteries than you do – the Freemasons? Make your way to the Masonic Hall up on Eagle Terrace, using the pathway across the road past the wave sculpture, next to the bathrooms.