‘Well,’ you tell John and the Masons, ‘King Solomon’s temple was said to be located in ancient Jerusalem.’

The men around the table raise their eyebrows.

‘That is incorrect,’ John tells you. ‘There is no archaeological evidence for that. There are some things that are meant to remain mysteries.’

‘But not the Bramble Spirit,’ you say desperately. ‘We need to solve this mystery, or else Sandgate will be cursed forever.’

‘Sandgate already is cursed forever,’ John says with a deep sigh. ‘And we’re tired of solving the town’s problems. We’re moving on.’

‘No…wait…’ you plead. But one of the larger men has already ushered you out the door and back onto the street.

The world outside has changed in the brief moments you were in the Hall. The sky has grown grey, and the ocean is pitching violently. The formidable figure of the Bramble Spirit has appeared and it’s sailing rapidly to shore, bringing with it a terrible silver mist that eats everything in its wake.

You’ve felt fear and dread before. But this is different. This is the end. All because you couldn’t answer one riddle.

The right answer comes to you, as the Bramble Spirit reaches the shore and mist rises up the cliffs. Of course. King Solomon’s temple was located on the side of his head.

At least you’ll have a good joke to take to your doom with you.