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The Police Beat

The ad for Assistant Investigator said to meet P.I. Street outside the Woolloongabba Police Beat. You nervously scan the area. Times have been tough—you really need this job.

The ‘Gabba Precinct has a quirky charm that draws in all manner of folks, brightly dressed moths to its vintage flame. Shells of history cast triangle shadows across these bustling streets where old buildings are meticulously restored or deliciously abandoned. And of course, there is the ‘Gabba stadium itself, a massive concrete spaceship filled with the hopes and dreams of thousands, landed smack bang in the middle.

Here is a place where new meets old, where pretty meets ugly, where sport meets art. It seems ripe for dark acts—the perfect place to kickstart your dreams of donning a trench coat, solving mysteries, and earning big money.

“Hey there,” says a low voice . “I’m P.I. Street. Are you my next appointment?”

You nod, but before you can answer, a voice calls out, “Stop, thief!”

“Help, call the Police!”

Footsteps beat towards you. Someone brushes past your shoulder. They’re moving too fast for you to get a close look. You rub your shoulder reflectively even though they didn’t hit you hard. A crowd of people gather, pointing and yelling.

A police officer steps out from the beat, looking harassed. “P.I. Street, why do you always seem to show up in the right place at the wrong time?”

Street whispers to you, “That’s Detective Adler. He’s known me since I were just a kid growing up in this neighbourhood, playing on both sides of the tracks.”

“I’m here interviewing my new Assistant.” Street points to you, and you blush. You never imagined you’d be meeting a police officer so soon in your interview. “What’s up, Adler?”

Adler eyeballs you, and you stand tall, trying to look as tough and smart as Street.  “I’ve got a problem, Street, and it looks like you‘re my solution. Everyone from the Police Beat is over at the stadium, responding to an incident. But right now, we’ve got a robbery in progress.”

“It’s my day off, you know. I’d planned  a few interviews over a quiet cup of coffee.” Street gives Adler a steely glare. “What do you need?”

“In the crime solving business, you never get a day off. Everywhere you go, there’s a mystery to solve.” Adler gives a gruff laugh and passes Street a police radio.  “The thief has made off with a priceless relic. The details are confidential—national security laws and all. Help me catch the thief, and reclaim the artifact.”

Adler runs back into the Police Beat, and Street turns to you. “The thief ran straight past you. Did you catch a glimpse?”

“Yes. They’re young. Wearing a sports cap pulled down low.” You think hard, wanting to impress. “They’re clutching a beat-up leather tote-bag as if their life depends on it.”

“Good work! You’re the first today who’s shown any promise. Want to help me solve this mystery?”

Shocked and delighted at this chance to prove yourself, you manage to nod.

“Alright, consider this your interview! Which way?” Street looks at you expectantly.

You rise to your first challenge. “The thief ran that way, but there’s also some witnesses calling out for help down there.”

Do you:

Old Police Station: Take the chance to prove how fast you are on your feet? Chase the thief: Head across Stanley Street towards the ‘Gabba Stadium, and stop outside the Old Police Station at 848 Main Street.


Logan Street Pedestrian Seating: Show off your detective skills honed from watching endless cop shows on TV? Then question the witnesses: Head along Logan Road through the ‘Gabba Precinct towards the giant purple tower, and stop in the Logan Road pedestrian seating area near the Jurgens Street intersection.

Street snaps his fingers. “Oh, one more thing. My Assistant will need to drum up business. This is the perfect opportunity to document a case study for my blog. So you’ll need to take pictures as we go.”

You nod, ready to play Watson to his Holmes. “Pictures of what?”

“Show us in action. Make it interesting.”

“How about I build in a clue-puzzle for each picture?”

Street nods, approving. “If things go okay today, you might get yourself hired.”


Parisian-style street lamps are a key feature of this area. Over police radio, Adler tells you that before the heist, the thief was seen lingering at the place where three lamps gather. Take a photo of yourself there, and upload the evidence to Facebook/Twitter using #StoryCity

Need a hint? Click here.

There are 3 types of street lamps in the ‘Gabba Precinct: crimped, flared, and bell. Find the spot nearby where all 3 types are together.