White Arrow

Slaughter falls. How appropriate.

You don’t need to ask why she has taken you here. The name is hint enough.

The ghostly girl walks to the white sign. You can see it through her body as she stands on her tiptoes and points to your next clue. It’s on the very top line, where only one letter has a tail that hangs lower than all the others. It’s to this letter that she points. You write it down, next to the others.

When you look back up, a white arrow has appeared, in a white box on the same sign. Was that there earlier? It’s a clue about which way to go next.

You swallow hard. This is really starting to lead you into the wilds! What if you get lost? You decide to take careful observation of your surroundings to ensure you can make it back. Look for a bird feeder with a Possum’s home behind it as you begin, to make sure you are on the right track. Your next destination will be a stump in the middle of the path.

When you reach the next location, click on this link.