The Outlook

You walk to where the girl stands on the rock, looking down upon the creek below. She points down, and then slowly draws a line across her own throat. Shivers run up your spine.

This place—so beautiful, so serene… it contains the secret to their death. But what? Did they jump? Surely, though the rocks are high, the fall wouldn’t have killed him. Did he drown? But they were strong swimmer—you know that from the dam earlier!

How did they die?

The girl reaches for your forehead, and a sudden image flashes through it—of her injured, but the boy even more so. She’d run for help, to try and save him. But she’d only ever made it to the balanced rock.

What killed her? What killed them both?

The girl points to where you have recorded the letters she has been showing you. You’d almost forgotten about them! You pull them out now. They’re scrambled, but rearranged, they make a word. A word that is all fangs and teeth. It could certainly kill a person. Kill them and eat them.

But that can’t be right, can it? Does that even exist in Australia?

There are just too many unanswered questions. Perhaps if you go to the platform on your left, everything will become clearer.

When you reach the next location, click on this link.