The Co-House

“Yes. Yes. Yes! Yeah! You bet.”

TIP #1) Say yes. Be open to new experiences. Got it.

TIP #2) Break the ice by saying hi first. Try telling a joke!

“Hi, I’m Henry, I’m your new neighbour. Or are you my new neighbour, am I right? Ha! Ha ha!” Okay.

TIP #3) Communicate non-verbally. Maintain an open body language that says, I’m approachable.

“… ….” (We hear Henry shuffle around a bit, taking poses. Then, quietly to himself.) Arms uncrossed. Back straight… Put your phone away…. Relax the muscles of my face? Right. (Limply, as if not using his face at all.) “Wight. Hewwo deww…”. Mm. No.

TIP #4) Ask a lot of questions. Make sure to really listen to the answers.

“What’s your name? Cool. What made you decide to move here? Cool. Do you work around here? No? Go to university? Cool. Do you like that it’s a green building? Yeah, pretty neat, hey? I like that you can walk everywhere, you don’t have to drive, right? Yeah, totally. Do you shop at the farmer’s market? Yeah? Me too! Do you want to go with me this Saturday? Great! Cool.” Cool.

TIP #5) Communication is a two way street. Share a piece of yourself.

“Me? Well, I’m Henry. But you know that already! Haha!

“I bought into the building right away. I had been looking into those new developments on the edge of town, but they just felt so distant, so far away from civilization. I wanted a place with a real community where I was forced to actually– not forced, but encouraged to interact with other people.

“Because, you know, it isn’t easy, meeting new people, at a certain age. I mean, I’m still young, but I’m older, I’m not in school anymore, not surrounded by a group of peers… And I work from home! Which is so awesome, you can go to work in your PJs if you want! But I don’t really have co-workers, right? I wanted a reason to go out, to stay connected. Life can be lonely.“

TIP # 6) Keep things positive and light.

Oh crap…

“Haha! That’s just 21st century living, right? It’s great, right? I mean, not being lonely, that’s not great! Da-doy! This place is what’s great. I mean, what a good idea! All these people from all different walks of life, living together, the communal spaces shared between everybody! Families, single people like you and me…

Anyway, I don’t have to tell you, you clearly know what I mean. I’m sure you were just like me. I knew right away that this place was going to be special. I was here almost every day it was being built, to keep an eye– I mean, I lived close by, so I’d walk past, check the progress. The community here. It really is a dream. A dream come true.” (A long pause.)

TIP #7) When you feel like you’ve made a good impression, end the conversation. Avoid running out of things to say.

“Anyway, I have places to be. Good bye, neighbour! I’m sure I’ll see you around… or will you see me, am I right? Haha. Can’t wait to talk again.”

I can’t wait.

Your next stop is 10443 86th avenue. Past the green space, you can turn left down the alleyway, which will lead you to 87th avenue. Follow 87th avenue as it curves down to become 86th avenue by the Yardbird Suite, then cross Gateway Boulevard at the intersection Follow 86th avenue for another block and the house will be on your left.