Cactus Collection

The Cactus House is a small, L-shaped enclosure containing a large variety of Cacti and Bromeliads. You imagine you could spend hours in here looking at all the fascinating plants, except for the fact that an infected gardener is following you. You hurry up and around the corner. You peak your head back and watch as the gardener continues on down the path. You’re safe. For now.

You message your uncle.

I have the ingredients.

He replies moments later.

Excellent, send the data through.

You click ‘Upload Samples’ and the progress bar slowly moves along. One ingredient and then the next. You keep watching the pathway to make sure the gardener hasn’t returned. The upload finishes and you breathe a sigh of relief. Your job is done. It’s now up to your uncle.

Soon after, your phone vibrates. You answer the call.

‘I’ve done it!’ Uncle Frederick says. ‘I’ve created a cure.’

‘Great!’ you reply.

‘Now all we need to do is–’

You hear glass smashing and the sounds of a struggle. Your uncle cries out and your heart sinks.

‘Get out,’ you hear him yell into the receiver. ‘Don’t be a hero.’

You stare at the phone as the call is suddenly cut off. You should have been there. You might have been able to protect him if you were. But now it’s too late. Uncle Frederick is gone. You tried to create a cure, but this place is clearly too dangerous now. Maybe all of Brisbane is unsafe. Uncle Frederick’s car is in the car park. You need to reach it and get as far away as possible. Leave Brisbane and never look back.


EASTER EGG: Using Plants for Medicines

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