Fragrant Plants and Herb Garden Info-Popup Morinda Citrifolia

Morinda citrifolia or the ‘noni’ is a tree in the same plant family as coffee (Rubiaceae). Originally from Southeast Asia and Australasia, it is now cultivated throughout the tropics. The ‘noni’ is unusual in that the flowers form in little clusters, with each flower forming an individual fruit that then all fuse together to make a single “multiple’ fruit. When ripe the fruit is a pale yellowish-white and has a very strong smell, like pungent cheese – hence its name as cheese or vomit fruit. It is also called ‘starvation fruit’ by Pacific Islanders, where it is eaten in times of famine. It has an extensive history of use in treating minor infections – skin, throat and mouth – and internal stomach related ailments. It is consider a good repellent for ‘ghosts’ due to its strong odour.

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