Nexus 3B: Old Windmill Tower

I concur. It is getting dark. Maybe it is later than you think. Or maybe there is a storm coming.  Let us hope omicron is on the outside of this structure.

Because you cannot enter this location. There are affected within. But if it rains, you must keep your communication device dry. Remember, you cannot do this without it and me.

No I did see the look the passer-by gave you. I cannot see what you see. For me to see, you would need to capture an image with your device. However I doubt she was affected because you said you were talking to yourself.

Well, from my understanding of human culture, eccentrics tend to gravitate to cities, it is likely the passer-by regards you as such a one. But it is wise for you to be wary of the humans around you.

You will know the affected because they will appear confused and will not make eye contact or communicate with anyone else.

Yes I said A-ffected, not IN-fected.

Don’t worry about what is affecting them we don’t have time for that.  For now you ought to know that Kumiko is trying to reach you.

Don’t be ridiculous. I have no interest in human secrets. I am meshed with your device. I only mentioned the text because you did not react to the alert tone.

No, I am afraid you cannot summon her. There is no time. The affected inside this establishment will soon emerge. You need to capture an image of the omicron at this nexus and keep moving. Yes, you can go as far as the ornate gateway to the park if you need, that is also in this nexus.

You have it?  Good. Now the two next nexuses are Kurilpa Bridge and Roma Street Parklands. Roma Street Parklands is very close but although the omicron is strong, its signal seems weak, obscured maybe.  But you would have plenty of time to search because you can get there quickly. Kurilpa Bridge is farther however there are only first stage affected on it and the omicron is very strong. One warning, as far as I can tell, the omicron is not on the bridge but visible from it.

Yes, I noticed that man was weird and confused.  But he was not affected. News is beginning to get out. People are beginning to be concerned about things that are happening around them. Ignore them. You will recognise the affected because they will be confused and they will not make eye contact. If any of them are growling or drooling, be warned as this is the signal that they are reaching the second stage of the metamorphosis.

Yes it is possible to miss one omicron, but once you miss one in a nexus, you must be sure to find every one after that. Check your map and choose.

Do you go to:

Nexus 4B: Roma Street Parklands, which is closer giving you more time to search? The omicron is strong here but the signal seems obscured which could mean it’s hard to find.  If this is your path follow Wickham Terrace to the right, cross Albert Street and move into the Parklands. Follow the paths down until your reach a waterfall.


Nexus 4C: Kurilpa Bridge, it’s further away but the omicron is strong, and there are fewer affected. If this is your choice head down through the park to Albert Street following it to the left. Enter Emma Miller Place and then safely cross the road, pass through the square between the two courts and into Tank Street.