Nexus 3C: Old Commissariat Store

So it’s getting dark. Your kind have done a lot of damage to your ecosystem. That may be the reason.

Yes it may be connected to the dimension gate.

Yes it is connected to the affected but this is neither the time or place to discuss that.

Find the omicron.

No I am not sure if the omicron is inside or out. Begin with the outer façade, it will be quicker.  Doors and windows first, then scope out the buildings around. Yes the buildings across the road, including the old government Land Administration Building which is now a hotel in this nexus. If you find nothing that calls to you, you must go inside and continue your search.

Yes I said A-ffected, not IN-fected. As for how to recognise them, look for confusion, refusal to make eye contact. The affected may also growl and be twitching hands. A tendency to shuffle is also dead giveaway.  Excuse the pun.

I am not being flippant.  Don’t worry about what is affecting them, we don’t have enough time.

By the way Kumiko is trying to reach you.  Don’t be ridiculous. I am not snooping!  I have zero interest in human secrets. I am meshed with your device. Anything moving through it moves though me. I only mentioned the text because you did not react to the alert tone.

No, I am afraid I cannot allow transmission of your suggestion that she join you. You must remained focused on your quest.

I do know the meaning of friendship.  According to your primitive meaning generator, Wikipedia, it is a state of mutual trust and support. Surely Kumiko understands that the need of a quest comes first. In the Hoard last week, she sacrificed you for your mission.

You have the omicron?  Good. For the next location, you must choose between the Kurilpa Bridge and the Victoria Bridge. However I must warn you that neither omicron is at the location. There is no difference, except that the omicron visible from the Kurilpa Bridge is very strong, almost too good to pass up. However, there are affected moving towards it so you will have to run. The other omicron is not as strong however there is no danger from meeting infected before you get to the nexus on this bridge.

If you are unable to harvest an omicron at the next nexus, there is a slight margin for error built into the quest that allows for missing one omicron.

No I didn’t see the look the men gave you as they emerged. You are telling me they’re heading towards the QUT campus near the gardens is not helpful. For me to see them, you would need to capture their image.

From the back is fine.  Ah I see they are in suits.  This would be a good moment to mention people in suits are far more likely to be affected, because their minds are closer to the configuration the minds of the affected will ultimately take. However those two were communicating with one another.  The affected will not communicate, at least, not using words.  They use physical contact with one another and then … but wait, we will talk more about the metamorphosis of the affected at the next nexus.

Oh, did you say the ticket inspector just bit one? That’s not good, no, no time to tell you why. Hide your phone quickly, don’t take any more images for the time being. You must choose your next nexus immediately… and run.

Yes I’m afraid the affected are beginning to overrun the city. Forget about your friends and colleagues.  The only way to save them is to complete your quest. Whatever you do don’t let that ticket inspector touch you. No it doesn’t matter if you are seen by affected people. But you must not make physical contact. If that happens it’s game over.

You don’t want to know. Choose now.

Do you go to:

Nexus 4C: Kurilpa Bridge? It is further away, and there are infected moving towards it, but it is incredibly strong. You’ll have to run though. If this is your path cross the road and move through the park to George Street. Head left along George until you reach Tank Street on the left.


Nexus 4D: Victoria Bridge? It is closer, with no affected between you and the nexus, but the omicron is weaker. Follow William Street to the left, then turn left onto Victoria Bridge.