Holy Trinity Anglican Church

You race through the streets and try not to think about Rhonda beyond phoning the police with a tip. When Percy wrecks Light Square the police will arrest him and if Rhonda hasn’t already saved herself, they’ll make sure she’s safe. You now have the perfect opportunity to case out the real treasure site.

The church is holding a fete, and everywhere you see children running around with balloons and fairy floss. There’s a donkey ride, and face painting. Everyone suddenly looks at you as you burst through the gates, covered in dust and lugging digging equipment.

“Can I help you?” a priest says with concern.

“I’m with the Adelaide City Council,” you say, fumbling out your fake work ID. “I’m here to inspect the buildings for earthquake damage.”

“Earthquakes in Adelaide?” the priest says, eyebrows raised. “Okay, but do you have to do this today? We’re rather busy.”

“It has to be right now,” you say, and shoulder past with the digging equipment.

“Please be careful with our church. It’s very old.”

You’re committed to this course of action now, and start to poke around the site. On the left hand side of the church you begin to dig out what appears to be the foundation stone, all the while hoping your fake moustache stays in place.

The original steeple. This was the first church in Adelaide, and a quick search on your phone has revealed that the castle-style tower once had a steeple on top. Yet when you prise the bronze plate away from the church building, there’s nothing there.

Then you hear a polite cough at your elbow, and turn to see the priest standing with a pair of police officers.

“We’d like a word,” they say. Your first instinct is to run for it…but it’s the wrong instinct. They crash-tackle you within a few footsteps. Handcuffs tighten around your wrists, and you’re left blowing away the false moustache that is now hanging loose.

“Mind explaining what you’re up to?” one of the officers says as he hauls you to your feet.

“There’s a treasure,” you admit. “Behind the foundation stone of the church.”

Immediately the priest starts laughing. “Well, there’s your trouble friend. We’ve lost our foundation stone.”

“You’ve…” you splutter. “How do you lose a stone?”

“This place has been rebuilt, remodelled, and patched up so many times that we’ve lost count,” the priest chuckles. “We used to have a steeple on the top of our tower too, but the congregation removed that when they repaired the roof in the 1840s.”

“So this was the original steeple,” you say. The priest nods, and holds up the bronze plate you pried loose. It marks the supposed location of the original stone, with a copy of the text it once held.

“Um, there’s a friend of mine,” you mention to the police officers. “Over at Light Square. She’s been kidnapped by a madman.”

“Yet you’re here looking for some made-up treasure and left your friend in trouble?”

“You’re a terrible friend,” the second police officer agrees. “Good thing we already picked up your ‘friends’ before they could do too much vandalism.”

The officers jam you into the back of their patrol car, and you’re surprised you find yourself sharing a car with both Rhonda and Percy! No one has much to say on the short drive to the City Watchhouse, and the only thing you have to show for all your misadventures is a matching set of mugshots.


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