Stop 4: Main Quad

Welcome to Main Quad, one of the busiest places on campus. It may not be busy right now, but come September you’ll see what we mean! If you’re ever asking anyone for directions, Quad will often be used to help describe a building’s location. Here you will often see events, people promoting clubs and students on their way to class. And in December the trees are lit up with a beautiful display of lights. Overall, this is a nice place to take a stop, sit on the grass or the benches and admire the buildings and nature around you. Especially while it’s still warm out! Perhaps you can even meet someone new, start a conversation and have lunch together. Need a conversation starter? Ask someone what their favourite place on campus is. Students always have varying opinions.

Take a few minutes to examine the buildings around you and the quick pathways to them. To the north is CCIS, to the west is the Engineering quad and to the east is the Chemistry Building and CAB (AKA the Central Academic Building). There’s a good chance you’ll have a class in one of these buildings! Additionally, students from residence will often have to cut through Main Quad to get to class. When walking to classes on your first day you might have to as well! Which direction is your residence from here?

Now we are off to our next location, Peter Lougheed Hall. Let’s see if you can make your way out of here successfully. Locate a building called CAB. There should be some stairs under this building. We can assure you, those aren’t people just vanishing to nowhere. Head down the stairs and continue straight. As you walk you will see a sign to Dewey’s, a common lounge space with food and drinks that you and your friends can visit. Head straight past that and you will see an entryway between two buildings which leads to another open space. A tiny version of a quad. Centre yourself and find another opening under a building. If you have followed our directions properly you should find yourself by a parking lot and you’ll be close to our next location.