Stop 6: HUB

What is this building that looks like a skyscraper turned on its side that is almost three football fields long you ask? That is HUB!

HUB is an apartment-style residence with several food places and handy shops located inside. It is an exciting hustle and bustle to navigate HUB but once you have made the long journey across its length you will feel like a champion.

HUB is conveniently attached to Tory Building, Fine Arts Building, Rutherford Library and the University Station. No fingers or toes will be frozen if you use HUB to get to class during winter. At night this building is completely lit up with lights that stretch across the whole ceiling. You can even see them from outside, so don’t worry, people aren’t having fun without you. HUB is simply a beacon to your way around campus. 

Now let’s move onto the next place which isn’t too far from here, the University Bus Loop. Just look out the window and locate a bus shelter and make your way down to it.