Stop 9: Health Sciences

Hold on now… that sounds like our next stop, the LRT Station. We’ve already seen the first LRT Station located on the main campus but this one is the Health Sciences Station. Lister’s closest train station. Take one stop North and you’ll reach the main part of campus (University Station). Continue north to get to downtown Edmonton. If you take the train south, you can access Southgate mall (including Safeway grocery store). Sounds easy enough, right? If you think you’ll get lost there is always a map on the inside of the train.

Straight ahead, and across the street is the University of Alberta Hospital. Inside the hospital, you can find the John W. Scott Library (mention only if it’s open), one of (if not the) quietest libraries on campus. If you ever need a change in scenery, make sure to pop on over here. 

The building right next to the LRT station is ECHA (Edmonton Clinic Health Academy). This building has several study spots for you and your friends to enjoy. when you feel a bit tired you can wake yourself up with some coffee from the Starbucks located inside.

Another building you may want to visit is the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, a performing arts, culture and community facility just steps away from your residence. If you are interested in watching the opera, broadway, standup comedy, orchestras and more then make sure to stop by when they are open. It is worth the experience. You will most likely convocate here when you’re finished with your degree.


Wow, take a deep breath, cause guess what? You’ve made it to the end. Now you know how to get around campus with ease and hopefully, you’ve learned something that you can tell newbies around campus. We wanted to show you how beautiful your new environment is. There are so many things to look forward to on and off-campus. So keep up with our updates and we hope to see you at future programs. Don’t get lost on your way back home. Just kidding, you’re a campus all-star. 

But woah there slow down. Remember the prize? Don’t tell us that you’ve already forgotten about it. Come on, guys. Make sure to fill out the quiz. The link should be at the bottom of this page in the Story City app right after this audio clip. Get those answers in… Okay, now you are done. Have a a good day and we will see you soon.