Stop 4: SUB

Although many of you are upper-year students, you may not have spent a lot of time on campus. Well, don’t worry because SUB’s got you covered!

SUB, which is short for the Student’s Union Building, is one of the main student gathering places on campus. It houses a variety of student necessities such as the bookstore, a clinic, a pharmacy, a convenience store, a photo lab, a study place and SUB print. Oh and don’t worry you can also stop here for your food and coffee needs. For example, check out Filistix, a very popular place to eat among students.

We have only listed a few of the services but there are so many more and we encourage you to see the whole building when you’re not zooming to get to class.

Onto the building you’ve all been waiting for, the Butterdome! The building is used for a wide variety of things, so head over there and we’ll get into it. There are a few ways to get there from here, try finding the fastest route by using Google Maps, your own knowledge of campus or by asking a student leader.