Stop 9: 109St

Besides living on a beautiful campus with Instagram-worthy places to hang out and study, you also have access to great amenities on 109 St. If you take a moment to look around, you will see various places where you can enjoy a delicious meal. A few of these include Highlevel Diner, Sugar Bowl, Rosso Pizzeria, and Phobulous. There are so many places to keep your belly full! Make sure to check them out and whilst you are there enjoy the view of the high-level bridge. If you want to buy groceries, there’s also a Safeway and Shoppers Drug Mart on the corner of 109 and 82 Ave (AKA Whyte Ave). Which is only about a 10-minute walk from here!

Maybe you just want a quick coffee or a place to study away from campus. Well, you’re in luck!

Remedy Cafe is the go-to place for many students. They’re known for their Chai Tea lattes and comfy study spots. 

Or maybe you want to relax with your friends?

Try Garneau Theatre! Built in the summer of 1940, the theatre is a “Metro Cinema” building and is a not-for-profit devoted to fostering the exhibition of diverse, viewing experiences throughout the city. The films shown there are a unique combination of educational, independent, cultural and innovative film and media arts. 


Wow, take a deep breath cause guess what? You’ve made it to the end. Now you know how to get around campus with ease and hopefully, you’ve learned something that you can tell newbies around campus. We wanted to show you how beautiful your new environment is. There are so many things to look forward to on and off-campus. So keep up with Residence Life updates and we hope to see you at future programs. Don’t get lost on your way back home. Just kidding, you’re a campus all-star. 

Make sure to fill in the google form that is on the homepage of this walk. If you answer all the questions correctly you will be entered into a draw to win a special prize.