Orders for the 7th Brigade

You tear off the strip of bark, and see there is writing on it:

Orders for the 7th Brigade. Beware of strange activity south from here. Continue east until you come to a T junction. Then head south. Be prepared for anything.


You follow the orders, noting as soon as you turn south that although you are on a sealed path, the jungle is denser here. You tighten the grip on your weapon, and blink your eyes to stop the sweat entering them and blinding you. You’re not sure whether it’s due to the tropical heat, the weight of your weapon or your own nervousness.

Heavy machine gun fire breaks out close to you and you hear plane engines. You look up and see small, single propeller aircraft with wings at the base of the fuselage: Mitsubishi Zeroes. There are red circles painted on them, the rising sun symbol of the Japanese. Their machine guns are firing and as you seek cover and take aim at them you feel the rifle almost ripped from your hands. You cling on as rifle and plane are pulled south in a swirling vortex, slamming into a green metal fence on the right opposite Hodgkinson St.