Make Your Own Viro

Midge sits on a colourful climbing frame for little Huge-mans. It stands in red mulch at the feet of stretching gums. He’s watching little Huge-mans race around on rolling Ferris wheels. The climbing frame has a picture of a cat, called Hello Kitty, on one side and a happy dog on the other.

“Would they look that friendly if they were closer together?” Gum asks.

“Of course. We should start calling you Glum,” Mul says. “You’d make the Ibis look cheerful. Even with all your friends back in one piece. You’re still a grump.”

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault,” Midge says. “I thought they were Fire ants. Honest. I almost got crushed under one of those before I realised.” He points at the rolling Ferris wheels. He looks over the surrounding picnic benches and woodchips on the floor. It’s the quietest part of the park. “I love it here. No ants, no Weed Feet, not many Huge-Mans or giant wheels, and best of all, no birds.” He stands and stretches. “I’ve changed my mind. Parks are so much fun!”

Mul and Gum groan. At that moment, a Crow lets out a great big CAW!! Midge throws himself to the floor. You and Mul and Gum laugh.

This part of the park is quieter. It’s a good place to think about all the animals and plants and flowers you came across today. Would you like to make your own Viro?

Please only use items you can pick up. Most Gum trees lose their bark every year, and their leaves when it’s windy. There should be plenty to find.

The gum leaves would make good legs and arms, the Ibis sticks too. The bark steps might make shoes. Viros need solid shoes otherwise a good gust could blow them across the park. All you need to do now is find extra parts, a head or heads, more limbs, a tail or ears or antlers. It’s really up to you. Lay it out on the grass, take a photo and upload it our Facebook page with the hashtag #StoryCity. We’re hoping you can help us find as many Viros as possible. You could make Weed Feet too.