See how the artists installed the artwork on the location.


Artist: Elysha Rei (Gould) (Mock-up for window vinyl cuts, 2015).

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Symbolic Links

Rei often uses natural elements such as animals and flowers for their symbolic links and dream-like qualities suggesting other worlds and a large part of Japanese culture that she shares through her family ancestry. The artist wanted to connect her works to the other works in the lane through the use of bright colour. For Kawa Koi, rather than working with paper-cuts Rei has selected brightly coloured vinyl as the material.

Work Title: Elysha Rei (Gould), Kawa Koi (River Koi), 2016.

Materials: Vinyl.

Walk back to the Café and seating area, on this wall you can find Rei’s next work ‘Monkirir Koi’. Click here once you reach the next artwork.