See how the artists installed the artwork on the location.


Artist: Elysha Rei (Gould) (Papercut template for paste-up, 2015).

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Fish Finds Water

The Koi is a popular symbol in Japanese culture and represents many positive attributes including perseverance. Previously the artist had featured the Koi in ‘out-of-water’ environments it now features comfortably in an underwater environment. Also depicted are the lotus flower and lily pad which are commonly represented in Japanese water gardens, poems and designs.

Work Title: Elysha Rei (Gould), Monkiri Koi (Cut Paper Koi), 2016.

Materials: Paper, wheat paste, board.

Walk down the lane heading toward Creek Street. Watch out for traffic coming in either direction. As you walk down the lane, passing other installation pieces, you should see artwork around man-holes in the road and poles edging the pathway. Click here to learn more about these pieces of artwork.