See how the artists installed the artwork on the location.

Elysha-Rei_Flower-Patterns1 Rei_Patter-Detail_800x600

Artist: Elysha Rei (Gould) (Sketch for flower patterns, 2015).

Click the Audio button to hear the artist talk about the influences behind this art piece.

Pattern Play

Take care on the road and watch out for traffic! Follow Eagle Lane towards its Creek Street exit and the other installation pieces.

On the way notice the patterns on poles, around the drains and along wall surfaces. Can you tell which artist’s work you are looking at?

Vue’s work is linear and dazzles the eye with highly contrasting colours. Rei often explores circular shapes that are based on flower patterns and created by cutting paper.

Walk down the lane heading toward Creek Street. Watch out for traffic coming in either direction. Continue walking until you see a building on the left called Eagle House. Stop and look at the 6 large windows as this is Vue’s next tape work. Click here once you have reached the artwork.