We understand that many don’t have the in-house capacity or skill set to bring city streets, and their stories, to life in an interactive way. Luckily, the Story City production team has years of experience providing extra operational and production capacity to cities, organizations, and creators, along with training of in-house teams in combinations that should fit any budget.

Support we can provide includes:


Whether you’re a communications team, non-profit, academic institution, event planner, or creator collective, Story City has a range of training sessions and templates depending on the type of content you want to build and the impact you want to have. Sessions can be as short has 1hr to a full day.

Or, do you want to have an even greater impact by providing capacity building to your creative community, and hiring from within the community itself to build your content? We’ve run close to a 100 community workshops (30-50 people/session) in interactive storytelling and public space activation, including creating calls for expressions of interest, processes for building a creator short-list, and selection processes for picking your best creators direct from your community.

Editorial Feedback

Creating in-house but want to make sure your content is as interactive and engaging as it can be? Lean on our production team for editorial feedback and editing at very transparent, hourly rates.

Content Creation

From translations, to script writing, to audio, video, or music production Story City has a strong production team and roster of highly talented creators who know how to provide engaging, gamified and educational content.

BUT we are betting that you have highly talented people and influencers in your own city and community that we could identify, train, and mentor to also produce amazing content on your behalf. Check out our sample projects PDF at the bottom of the page to see the surprisingly affordable budgets that allow you to engage the community at every level and make your city and community more sustainable in the process.

Custom Development & Integrations

Is Story City missing a specific feature you feel will make your content and project sing? We can custom build integrations and features such that they meet your organization’s needs.

Marketing Support

Ready to share your experience with the world? Our marketing team can collaborate with you on blog posts, on site signage, social media promotion, press releases and more to get your story into the hands of those you want to reach.

Pricing or Questions?

For ideas on how these services can fit together into a project that fits your budget, or to get inspiration for what’s possible with your city or brand, check out the sample project pdf below, or get in contact with us for a customized quote: